Transform bookkeeping into actionable insights!

With Smartledgers, you can effortlessly converts receipts & invoices into financial figures and receive AI advices.

How it Works?

Acting as a middleware, Smartledgers employs OCR, AI, and ML technologies to assist small businesses and startups in navigating the often tedious process of bookkeeping.


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Turn your mobile phone camera into bookkeeper

Convert your invoices and receipts snapshot with up to 80% accuracy. Yes, it works on Chinese characters too!

(Handwritten document at lower accuracy rate)

Snap, send or upload receipts & invoices

Support Telegram & Email channel

Auto OCR with line item categorization

Sync with your accounting

Say goodbye to data entry



With our full suite, control cash flow, pinpoint savings, and bridge the gap with top industry competitors.

Auto OCR

Reduce labor costs with our AI bookkeepers, converting receipts, invoices, and payroll into digital records effortlessly, supporting both printed and handwritten documents in major languages.

Auto Sync

Stay instantly updated on expenses and incomes. Our automated transaction engine guarantee swift document processing and entries update to your connected Quickbook account.

Line Items Categorization

We diligently record specifics down to the minutiae of each line item and utilize AI to recommend their respective categories, base on the established chart of accounts.

Multi Currency

Automatically convert foreign currency transactions into a home currency in real-time. This ensures that the values reflected in your books are always up-to-date with the correct exchange rates.

Collaborates Effectively

Assign bookkeeping responsibilities to your team and retain oversight with our approval workflow process. We support scanned financial documents via Telegram and email channels.

Real-time Reporting

No more end-of-month accounting stress. Access real-time digital financial insights, enhancing cash flow oversight and reinforcing confident decision-making.

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Product Roadmap

Beyond accurate book records, we aim to turn financial data into actionable strategies with the following in development key features.

AI Financial Consultant

Smartledgers' AI Consultant akin to a Big 4 advisor or a CFO. It guides on savings, earnings, and offers a tailored growth roadmap.

Industry Insights

Curious about your performance compared to industry benchmarks? Gain insights into your industry's performance, compare it to your competitors, and receive specific steps to outperform the average.

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